Wood Pellets

Fiber Engery Products


Fiber Energy Product Pellets are 100% Oak Hardwood pellets, All natural, all natural low ash.  These pellets exceeds  the Pellet Fuels Institute standard for premium quality pellets. 

  • Pellets have 10% moisture in comparison to 30–60% for cordwood
  • Burns at a higher BTU output for more heat
  • 40 lbs. can provide 24 hours of solid heat
  • All-natural
  • No glue or binders 
  • Burns clean
  • Sustainable 
  • Clean and allergen free
  • Stored in less space
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable

Heat Resource


 Heat Resource 

  • Premium Oak Wood Pellet
  • Low Ash
  • Clean Burning
  • Consistent Performance
  • Tested And Certified
  • Clean And Green

Rocky Mountain

Made in colorado
Rocky Mountain pellets are 100 percent pine pellets.

Good Times


Patterson Wood Pellets


Western Pellets