Wood Stove Cleaning & Maintenance & Installation


Most stove companies recommend having your wood stove cleaned yearly or once for every cord of wood burned.

Pellet Stove Cleaning & Maintenance & Installation & Repair


It is recommended to have your stove inspected and serviced at least once a season to insure everything is working as intended. Ash is the number one insulator in the world so bottom line a dirty stove costs you more money in wasted pellets.

Fireplace Cleaning & Maintenance & Repair


Fireplaces should be inspected and cleaned at minimum once a year, To make sure that everything is as it should be and to prevent chimney fires.

Clothes dryer vent cleaning & maintenance and installation


There are over 16,700 dryer fires a year!! and that number continues to rise.

Lint Build up takes more energy to dry your clothes and therefore cost more engery to dry.

Wood Pellet Fuel Sales & Delivery Year Round


We stock wood pellets all year round, We offer more brands then anyone else in the area. We offer delivery, we also thoroughly test our pellets to make sure our customers get the best pellets.

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